Company Profile

UTK Component has been designing and producing standard or customer specific inductive components for industrial or professional purposes, operating on the national and international market, since 1986. UTK Component develops in close co-operation with the customer the design and the production of the inductive components, and offers at the same time well established production techniques and innovative technological solutions.

The steady and rapid evolution in the semiconductor technology, the more and more advanced integration, the availability of powerful electronic components, require the use of inductive components of higher performance. The recent introduction of international safety standards establishes also strict quality standards.

The products on the catalogue include pulse and drive transformers, current sense transformers, switching transformers and inductors, EMI filters. UTK Component designs, develops and produces special components as well, offering the customers its experience and technological competence and a high qualified designing staff. UTK inductive components are at the present time appreciated and used in several different industrial applications: motor control, power conversion, UPS, welding power supplies, battery chargers, telecom, and so on..
From the very beginning UTK Component could keep in the forefront in its branch by developing a highly specialised “know-how” and pursuing with coherence and determination the corporate aims.


Customer's satisfaction - thanks to a reliable and professional commercial relation with the customer, based on mutual satisfaction and communication, and then to the highest flexibility and sensibility in satisfying all customers' needs in the development of new specific products or in the supply of standard products.

Nowadays UTK Component operates successfully on the national and international market both directly and through a network of agents and distributors, and counts among its customers some of the most important companies of many different industrial sectors. The efficiency of the production system allows the achievement of a turnover of more than one million pieces per year at an almost null reject and defect rate.


Of same importance are the human resources. UTK Component invests on people, in order to create a motivated and responsible staff, professionally reliable and quality oriented. As further confirmation of the interest of the company owners and top management in the quality system, UTK Component is certificated since 1996 according to UNI EN ISO 9000 and lastly, the certification has been revised in accordance to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

This is an important acknowledgement, obtained through the efforts and the contribution of all the company levels, which grants the quality in all the internal procedures.


UTK Component invests regularly a share of its turnover in the technological research in order to introduce new components and to develop new and even more efficient production systems, for granting high quality products to a more and more competitive price. The production lines are automated and equipped with numerical control devices, which provide high production capacity and a constant respect and preservation of the production standards. The automated testing system located at the end of each line allows to test 100% of the production with the utmost flexibility and adaptability.

Thanks to own information system Utk Component is able to processing every data regarding planning, production, quality control and recording of materials. Utk Component can monitor all internal activities daily and have a real time management of all production.