50-60Hz Current transformers

Technical description

Current transformers intended for measuring alternating currents at 50-60Hz, for overcurrent detection and protection in industrial applications.

The standard products range include transformers from 25A to 600A. Their toroidal structure makes them easy to insert into cables or other parts of the circuits without having to interrupt or modify the circuit itself. The conductor carrying the current to be measured serves as the one turn primary while the secondary is wound around the core. The voltage at the load resistor is proportional to the current flowing in the primary winding. Sensitivity can be enhanced by increasing the number of primary turns.

UTK current transformers provide the galvanic insulation and dielectric strength adequate for separation from a.c. mains potentials.

UTK Component current transformers have the following characteristics.

  • Compact construction. They are vacuum-filled and encapsulated in plastic box made with self extinguishing material UL94-HB, suitable for the application on high density PCBs.
  • Availability in a standard temperature range ( 0+85°) or an extended range
  • Wound on toroidal cores
  • Primary current from 25 to 600A
  • Working frequency 50-60Hz
  • Safe and reliable galvanic insulation (4KV)
  • Low losses.

A wide range of standard products is available for the most common applications. In order to satisfy specific requirements UTK Component can develop special products according to the customers' needs.

UTK Component controls closely the production during the process and at the end of it, granting the quality and reliability of the product. The carried out tests include:

  • Visual inspection
  • Pinout and polarity check
  • Value of the reference parameters
  • Dielectric strength

Reference parameters

Primary and secondary current Ip/Is
RMS value of the alternating current on the primary (Ip) and secondary (Is) windings.

Load resistance Ru
Nominal load resistance on the secondary circuit.

Output voltage Vu
Voltage measured at the load, proportional to the primary current value.