Medium-High power switch mode transformers

Technical description

The electrical energy conversion process in high frequency inverters requires the use of power transformers in order to provide an insulating barrier from the input to the output and to raise or lower the input signal and adjust it to the required output values. These components seem to be the heaviest and bulkiest of the whole equipment. The characteristics of the power transformers often affect also the efficiency, the volume, the weight, the cost and the performance of the whole system. The design and development of power transformers consequently require a specific know how and experience.

UTK produces power transformers, using standard configurations and well established methodologies to guarantee the high quality of the result. UTK can also provide qualified technical support in the design phase of the transformer, offering its competence in the selection of the materials and the most suitable production techniques.

UTK Component power transformers have the following characteristics.

  • Open construction with standard bobbins and cores, for vertical and horizontal mounting; vacuum-filled and encapsulated in plastic box for higher isolation voltage.
  • Availability in a standard temperature range ( 0+80°) or an extended range
  • Wound with standard copper insulated wire, copper strip or Litz wire
  • Low leakage inductance and low primary to secon- dary coupling capacitance
  • Safe and reliable galvanic insulation
  • Output power up to 10KW
  • Working frequency up to 200KHz
  • Manufactured according to the international standards EN61558 and EN60950.

UTK Component controls closely the production during the process and at the end of it, granting the quality and reliability of the product. The carried out tests include:

  • Visual inspection
  • Pinout and polarity check
  • Value of the reference parameters
  • Dielectric strength